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Real Estate

The real estate market in Israel is one of the most profitable of the world.

Growing domestic and foreign demand for real estate constantly attracts the attention of investors looking for safe and lucrative destinations for their capital. In sharp contrast to the international markets, where moderate recovery remains uncertain, the prospects for long-term growth are promising in the Israeli real estate market.

The revaluation of assets is manifested both in the increase in the real value of rentals, as well as in the lasting upgrading of the properties’ values.


High Tech



Forming the so-called "Second Silicon Valley" of the world, high-tech companies in Israel are internationally recognized for their ability to develop cutting edge and innovative technologies in virtually all areas of scientific knowledge.

The Israeli high-tech industries develop and market biotech products and services, software, internet services, telecommunication technologies and cleantech, attracting capital and financing worldwide, through a system involving Venture Capital Funds, Banks, Founds of Funds and Angel Investors. Today, Israel is the second major destination for venture capital-oriented technology, after the United States.


El mercado de Bienes Raíces de Israel es uno de los más rentables del mundo.

La creciente demanda interna y externa de activos inmobiliarios atrae constantemente la atención de inversores domésticos y extranjeros en busca de destinos seguros y lucrativos para sus capitales. En abierto contraste con la moderada, y aún incierta recuperación de los mercados internacionales, las perspectivas de crecimiento a largo plazo del mercado inmobiliario israelí son promisorias.